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Two Great Attractions Laser Tag and Laser Frenzy

Whoa won't believe your senses when you enter one of our incredible laser challenges. There's the excitement of team play in our laser tag game, or the individual challenge of navigating the laser maze. Try one or both chances are you'll want to do them again and beat your own record

Space Quest Laser Tag

This next generation system offers the latest features and technological advances that have come to the "sport" of laser tag Players enter a staging area where Station Techs assist with putting on the gear a lightweight, LED lit vest with attached phasor pistol and 2 way radio. Then, they'll be "transported" to our Station Arena, where the action begins

As the timer begins to count down, multiple teams identified by colored LED lights begin to explore the arena and look to tag opposing team players with the safest green laser technology. Be on the lookout for stationary targets scattered throughout the playing field for bonus points Communicate with teammates through on board 2 way radios to plan your strategy and get the highest score.

 It's not just about hitting the other teams' targets. The longer you stay safe from enemy fire, the better your score gets. Bonuses add up for staying hit free 5 times in a row. The all seeing Station Computer speaks to you throughout the game, advising you of score updates and time remaining, so listen carefully for help with your game play.

Spectators back in Towne can watch the high definition monitors for real time scoring updates so that they can cheer you on. After you've returned from Station Arena, you'll receive a printed scorecard that lets you know how you stacked up against the competition. We're sure you'll want to have another go to try to beat that score

It's so much fun, parents will want to join in on the action.

Laser Frenzy

How agile are you? This fully immersive, totally interactive experience will blow your mind. Enter the fully automated enclosed environment of the laser maze and prepare to test your flexibility, composure and strategic skills.

As you try to navigate the module, the multicolored lasers and astonishing environment present obstacles for you to get through. Climb over a beam, crawl under, jump, bend and slink your way through, but watch out for the lasers. Hit one and lose points. Be careful, but don't dilly dally this trip through is timed, so the faster you finish, the better the score

Lazer Frenzy has multiple difficulty settings and a nearly endless variety of game types and maze variations, allowing for a virtually different experience every time you play. The different degrees of complexity make this game suitable for all ages. Set the game on EASY for the youngster family members all the way up to the HARD setting for the 'tweens. There's even a RANDOM option so you don't know what kind of maze going to get.

Those of you waiting your turn can watch along on a high definition video monitor as a challenger maneuvers their way through the beams. Don't worry, that's not cheating your maze will be a completely new adventure. After you complete your attempt a certificate of completion is given to you showing your score. Try to top that the next time.

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